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About Us

Petron Scientech Inc (PSI) is a leader in the field of biorefineries, production ethanol from first and second generation feedstocks, biofuels, and industrial conversion of renewable Ethanol into a variety of important chemical feed-stocks, specifically, bioEthylene, bioEthylene Oxide, and the bioGlycols (bioMEG, bioDEG, and bioTEG). Petron is in the forefront of the renewable green chemical industry and downstream of ethylene feedstock such as polyethylene and other applications. Petron offers the broadest range of technologies and services in the market, including technology licenses, catalysts, basic engineering design and FEED packages, EPC & PMC management, consulting services and JV & financing options. With over 30 years of hands-on experience across 30+ plants around the world, Petron Scientech is recognized by the market as the leading solution provider for renewable plastic feedstocks, biofuels and industrial chemicals.

PSI affiliate, BioChem USA, is leading the path to a sustainable and green future by building the world's first BioRefinery. The plant will take corn and biomass (eucalyptus, corn stover, bagasse) and convert it to cellulosic and improved ethanol products. Then it will use PSI's Ethanol-to-Ethylene technology to form Bio-Ethylene. Which will be converted into Bio-Ethylene Oxide and Bio-Glycols for uses such as plastic bottles (PET), engine coolant, and polyester. Other process co-products include; beverage-grade CO2, corn oil, starch, High Protein Meal / Animal Feed, Advanced Jet Fuels / Bio-Fuels, and other value products.

Latest News

Petron/BioChem expected to add globally 2.0 millions tons/year of biofuels and 1.0 million tons/year of biochemicals by 2020.