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Petron Scientech Inc, New Jersey (PSI) is a leader in the field of integrated and hybrid biorefineries, production of Ethanol from first and second generation feedstocks for gasoline additive ( for Clean combustion, Octane boosting and thus reducing carcinogenic Aromatics and MTBE), and industrial conversion of renewable Ethanol into a variety of important chemical building blocks specifically, Higher Alcohols, bio Ethylene, bio Ethylene Oxide (EO), and the bio Ethylene Glycols (MEG)/PET, Polyethylene, EDC/VCM/ PVC, Styrene/ Polystyrene, Butadiene/ PBR/SBR (synthetic rubber) and other Ethylene applications. PSI also provide technology for Butanol to Butene and Propanol to propylene and downstream technologies. PSI is pioneer in the renewable green chemical initiatives in downstream of ethylene, propylene, Butene and other industrial applications.

In close partnership with engineering companies, Petron offers the broadest range of technologies and services including technology transfer, catalysts, basic engineering design, FEED packages, 3 D Modeling, EPC & PMC management, consulting services with JV and financing options. With over 30 years of hands-on experience across 30+ plants around the world, Petron Scientech is recognized in the market as the leading solution provider for renewable and sustainable Chemicals, polymers, biofuels, and industrial applications

PSI affiliate, BioChem USA, is leading the path to an environmental friendly carbon reduction/ green future in developing integrated Bio Refineries supplementing Petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants with sustainable alternatives.

These biorefineries use variety of feed stocks from Corn, Sugarcane, agriculture waste such as Corn Stover and sugar cane bagasse and woody materials such as soft wood chips and Eucalyptus for conversion to cellulosic and advanced biofuels and improved ethanol products. Other process co-products include beverage-grade CO2, corn oil, starch, Cellulosic sugars High Protein Meal / Animal Feed, Pure Lignin, renewable Gasoline, Diesel, et Fuels and Iso Octane.

PSI through its affiliate Sustainable Technology Corporation recently acquired DuPont USA’s Cellulosic Ethanol technology with all IP (200 + Patents) and proprietary Zymomonas for sugar conversion to Ethanol. This technology was developed by DuPont (now merged with Dow), over 15 years. It brings PSI to the forefront of offering Cellulosic Ethanol (G2.0) technology much needed worldwide.

Guess who got that tasty DuPont CellEth tech? Sustainable Technology Corp's got it.

In New Jersey, Sustainable Technology Corporation, a subsidiary of Petron Scientech, Inc., acquired...

Construction of brand-new biorefinery complex announced at WBM 2017

At the three-day World Bio Markets event held this week in Amsterdam, a family-owned Turkish company...

Samsung Total Petrochemicals Company Limited (STC), Daesan; South Korea’s Ethylene Oxide/ Glycol Plant - DBN/Exp Completed

Petron Scientech Inc., N.J. USA had supplied the Basic engineering Design Package (BEDP) for the major expansion and debottlenecking of Samsung’s existing Ethylene Oxide/Glyc Daesan, South Korea. The original plant was built in the year1991 using Scientific Design (SD) technology.

Jilin Zhongxin chemical (JZC), China Company’s biorefinery: Ethanol to Ethylene Oxide/ Glycol Plant project successfully started

Petron Scientech Inc., N.J. USA was contracted to supply, the Technology License, the Basic engineering Design Package (BEDP) for a green field Ethanol to Ethylene and Ethylene to EthyleneOxide and Ethylene Glycols plant in Jilin, China. The original contract was signed in 2011. Petron also provided the Ethanol dehydration catalyst.

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Principal stages involves in a biorefiney project, which can be adjusted as per client requirement

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BioChem, USA and Sustainable Technology Corporation, USA our two subsidiaries to develop, build and operate the most innovative and efficient green tehcnologies worldwide