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Petron Awarded Ethanol-to-Ethylene, Ethylene Oxide / Glycols Project in Jilin, China

Princeton, NJ—Petron Scientech Inc. has been awarded a contract with Jilin Zhongxin Chemical Group Co. Ltd. (JZC) to provide state-of-the-art technology and services to JZC’s ethanol-based high-purity ethylene, ethylene oxide (EO), and glycol plant in Jilin, China.

Petron will provide technology know-how, catalysts, design services during project execution, and initial and post-startup assistance to JZC's Jilin facility. The project is almost 85% complete and is scheduled to go on stream, under Petron supervision, later this year.

The facility will convert bio-ethanol, an eco-friendly feedstock readily available in Jilin Province, to bioEthylene™, ethylene oxide, and glycols using Petron technology. For EO reactor technology and EO catalysts, Petron will be working with Shell Global Solutions and CRI Asia Pacific Ltd.

"We are pleased that after a long and intensive selection process, Petron Scientech and Shell have been chosen as the best investment with reliable and world-class performance technology and applications," says He Peijun, General Manager of JZC. "We are convinced that this new project will give an added value to the ongoing successful development of our group."

Petron has focused heavily on renewable ethylene and its downstream EO and mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) technologies for the past 20 years, during which time the company has pioneered eco-friendly technologies and processes that reduce operating and investment costs while improving inefficiencies,a winning combination needed in today's energy-hungry world.

"One great advantage of the ethanol-based route to ethylene over the traditional petroleum route is that small plants can be economically set up at consumer locations without the risk and hazard associated with the transport of ethylene oxide," says Dr. Hassan Taheri, Petron's director of technology. "The ethanol route is a highly desirable and economically advantageous route for new plants that are seeking high-grade ethylene and ethylene oxide only and for existing complexes that need incremental expansion of their ethylene capacity at a low cost without making a whole range of other byproducts. Following the recent awards by Greencol (Toyota/CMFC), Taiwan; Samsung Total, Korea; and Heyang, China, this new project shows the strength of our superior technology in the bioEthylene™ as well as the EO and MEG fields."