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Biomass to bioEthanol

The vast majority of bioethanol presently come from readily available plants that were also harvest for food, such as corn and sugarcane. This can lead to an imbalance of needs based on leverage between using those plants for fuel, food, or for production of chemicals and plastics. Therefore, Petron Scientech has been engaged in a new type of technology that allows for a new source of bioethanol and increases the types of sources available to be converted in production.

This 2nd generation bioethanol technology uses lignocellulose components found in all plants, forests, farming land, and agricultural waste. It is heavily abundant in nature and has a very high energy value if converted properly. Looking at a plant cell, we will be able to find plant cell wall to be covered in lignin, followed by hemicellulose, and then finally by cellulose itself. The cellulose microfiber structure contains the glucose sugar molecules that we need to form bioethanol.

This allows us to use new forms of resources that we previously would have discarded. Sources include, but are not limited to; corn stover, sugarcane bagasse, and various energy crops such as switchgrass, sorghum, or cassava. The new process utilizes new advanced biochemical process to release the stored glucose for production needs.