Petron Scientech Inc

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Corn and Biomass to bioEthanol, BioFuels, ATJ, and Butanol

The vast majority of bioethanol presently come from readily available plants that were also harvest for food, such as corn and sugarcane. Petron's approach is to extract main food elements such as oil and protein and use it as food source. Residual material is converted into ethanol. Also, Petron Scientech has been engaged in a new type of technology that allows for biomass to be used as a new source of bioethanol and increases the types of sources available to be converted in production.

This 2nd generation bioethanol technology uses lignocellulose components found in all plants, forests, farming land, and agricultural waste. It is heavily abundant in nature and has a very high energy value if converted properly. Globally 1 billions of corn is produced providing abundant supply for food, fuel, and chemicals.

Biomass allows us to use new forms of resources that we previously would have discarded. Sources include, but are not limited to; corn stover, sugarcane bagasse, and various energy crops such as eucalyptus and wood chips. The new process utilizes new advanced biochemical process to release the stored cellulose/hemicellulose for production needs.