Petron Scientech Inc

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Energy Efficiency and Expansion of Existing Plants

Our design and engineering capabilities encompass the optimization, debottlenecking, retrofitting, and expansion of existing Biorefineries and EO/MEG plants as well as designing and implementing new ones. Our design packages include the design ofpropreitary systems to reduce energy consumption, design of energy efficient processes, equipment, catalyst, effluent, and safety specifications; process, piping, and instrumentation diagrams; instrument data sheets; operational and analytical system (online and continuous monitoring), process control, and process optimization. We also offer technology evaluations; debottlenecking, expansion, and environmental studies; and energy conservation techniques. Our patented quench and bypass scheme is useful for EO/MEG plants,

Petron’s QA programs have been developed through years of experience in global projects and training of Petron’s personnel in quality control and total quality management (TQM) programs. Petron is registered for the ISO 9000 qualification program and has developed an in-house program patterned on the ISO 9000 system in all aspects of its services.

Petron’s specialists provide expert assistance in optimal operation of process plants to obtain top product quality with minimum energy consumption. The equipment performance is evaluated constantly, and areas of malperformance or under performance are systematically identified and corrected.