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bioEthylene (Ethylene from Ethanol)

Ethylene is at the heart of a global, a trillion dollar petrochemical and plastics industry. Petron’s renewable Ethanol based, bioEthylene enables a wide variety of ‘green’ end-uses such as polyethylene for 'green' food packaging and a variety of consumer and industrial applications. Petron’s process can convert the bioEthylene into bioEthylene Oxide and the family of Ethylene Glycols. The most important of which is bioMonoEthylene Glycol (bioMEG) which is the feed-stock for PET, the core plastic resin for making beverage and food packaging, textiles, polyester fiber and engine coolants, PVC (applications such as pipes), and styrene & polystyrene and other applications, PVA (glues), health care applications, home care and many other day-to-day uses. Other co-products from Petron’s process include bioDiEthylene Glycol (bioDEG) and bioTriEthylene Glycol (bioTEG) which also have useful industrial applications in natural gas (Shale) drying, humectants and other applications.Bioethylene is also used in making aviation jet fuel (ATJ)

Petron's technology has been independently acknowledged as the most energy efficient and cost effective solution available to manufacture Ethylene from renewable Ethanol. It also has a lower capital cost than alternatives and provides a lower operational cost by consuming far less energy and providing higher selectivity. Importantly, Petron has built many of the most recent industrial scale plants based on its technology and know-how.