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Green Chemistry

The search for alternatives to fossil fuels has been ongoing for decades. Climate change, greenhouse emissions, growing demand of food, fuels, and chemicals in developing nations, and concerns about sustainability have created an increasing urgency to reduce dependency on petroleum oil and other finite, environmentally unfriendly fuels.

At the same time, remarkable improvements in renewable and sustainable sources worldwide have led the chemicals industry to focus on "green chemistry" to reduce its global carbon footprint and provide alternatives to fossil fuels, such as coal.

Biorefinery ethanol is derived from renewable feedstock like sugar, corn, and waste biomass sources. Petron Scientech Inc. provides very efficient and reliable technologies for complete Biorefineries as well as converting ethanol to bioEthylene and its derivatives, bioEthylene Oxide (bioEO), and bioGlycols (bio-glycols) for further use in producing PET, Polyesters chips film & fibers, and Ethoxylates. These in turn can be used to create packaging, plastic consumer products (Polyethylene, PVC, Styrene/PS, Glycols, EO, Surfactants, coolants, and Detergents) fabrics, textiles, carpets, curtains, jet fuels, day-to-day consumer items and a plethora of other products. Biorefineries generate biofuels, jet fuels, chemical, and protein food.

Petron's bio-based technologies have numerous advantages over producing traditional fossil fuel based plastic feed-stocks. Whereas a traditional ethylene plant requires significant capital in billion of dollars, a large lot of land, produces significant emissions and can take more than 48 months to construct, a Petron plant require much less capital, is much more compact and can be up and running in just 24-36 months. More importantly, because Petron's processes are carbon neutral, they have a minimal impact on the environment, unlike highly polluting traditional processes. They consume far less energy than petrochemical alternatives, and they use highly renewable, readily available Ethanol rather than the world's rapidly depleting supply of fossil fuels.

What's more, Petron's cutting-edge, energy-efficient technologies enable its clients to better control production costs. They also provide an important option to avoid transporting hazardous Ethylene and Ethylene Oxide by rail or road. Petron's innovative engineering, based on its own intellectual property, research, catalyst development, and years of operating experience, makes its technology an optimal choice for the green chemistry industry.