Since 1991, Petron Scientech Inc. is engaged to develop and license the chemical technologies for converting renewable Ethanol, into bio Ethylene, bio Ethylene Oxide (bio EO), bio Glycols, bio Polyethylene, and other chemicals used in a wide range of day-to-day renewable plastics. Its innovations have resulted in Petron establishing a unique portfolio of intellectual property. Petron's patented technology reduces overall energy consumption, saving plants millions of dollars in operating and equipment costs. Moreover, Petron’s technology has been independently verified to use less utilities e.g. electricity, generate less waste, consume less Ethanol, provide safe and efficient design than alternative approaches.

Because bio Ethanol is a renewable resource and readily available it is an environmentally responsible alternative to petroleum and other rapidly depleting and environmentally polluting fossil fuels. Hence Petron's processes and technology for converting Ethanol into derivatives for use in manufacturing plastics and consumer products are carbon-neutral and energy-efficient, leaving a minimal impact on the environment. Petron is engaged in setting up biorefinery for producing ethanol and its co-products such as protein meal, biofuels (diesel and jet fuels), starch, edible oil, beverage-grade CO2, and others.

Since 2008, PSI is engaged in an Ethanol technology and production joint venture in China (Henan Province) and have been involved in production of very high-quality Ethanol, Protein meal and coproducts.

Over 30 corporations in 15 countries have relied on Petron for engineering, technology licensing, technical, and commissioning services since its establishment in 1991. Many of those companies have worked with Petron to license grassroot facilities, revamp, improve, and expand plants that were originally designed by competing companies. For EO / MEG projects, companies turn to Petron for energy efficiency and process improvements.

Petron remains focused on new technology and Catalyst developments either alone or in strategic partnerships, Process licensing and technology transfer; conceptual design simulation; basic engineering; front-end engineering design (FEED) packages; project execution and management; process control; safety; instrumentation; and plant start-up and operations. Petron also is engaged in selective joint venture and financing partnerships.

Petron is involved in projects worldwide in alliance with other pioneers /reputed licensing, engineering, procurement, and construction management companies (EPC and EPCM), having established close working relationships with such partners as CRI/Shell, BASF, Eickmeyer & Associates, Worley Parsons (Jacobs Engineering), Technoedif, Thyssen Krupp, Maire Tecnimont among others.

Petron's head quarter is in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, with affiliate company offices in the Netherlands, Portugal, and India. It is engaged in projects in many countries including;, Portugal, Turkey, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and USA. The Company's multinational character and global experience enables it to attract international talent and ventures in today's challenging business environment.

Technical knowledge and innovation, combined with hands-on operating experience, equals stellar partnerships. That is why over 80% of the world's standalone Ethanol-to-Ethylene (ETE) plants run on Petron processes, and that's what makes Petron Scientech Inc. the pioneer & leader in its field. We provide complete business and project solutions from cradle to grave - A to Z.